Achieve More, Do Less

Frustrated that you are not getting it all done each day? 

Sick of working crazy hours, sacrificing your lifestyle (and sanity)? 

If you are ready to end the overwhelm and step into your business leader potential…. 

Why you aren't reaching your potential as a business owner despite working all the long hours.

After working in business transformation for more than 20 years and growing my own 2 businesses I quickly learned that MOST BUSINESS OWNERS AND LEADERS are focusing on the wrong things at the expense of growing their business. 

Now pay attention because this is one of the most important (and foundational things) you’ll ever learn in your business journey and if you don’t get it right now, it can cost you thousands of dollars, hundreds of hours and worse… even your business later. 

Where most people think that they have a sales problem (they are not making enough sales and they are not getting enough clients through the door) so they work a bit harder and more hours  – however, what they are missing is the most CRUCIAL steps that come before anything else;

Getting the biggest Return on Investment (ROI) from your time.

Without being the most deliberate, intentional and productive that you can be with your time (and eventually with your entire staffs time) you will always be hitting the hustle grind cycle, forever and a day.  Your business will never push through the ceiling… 

To Reach Your Potential as a Business Owner, Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle (and Sanity!) you have to
Master The Foundations of Time & Productivity

The way you do things is inconsistent and reactive. You sit down to work and just plough through your ToDo list, unclear what is a priority because it all feels like a priority. You are running with an ineffective plan, or no plan at all.  

Getting your staff to do things for you can feel like a disaster waiting to happen. You often second guess yourself as to what you could or should be giving others to do. Even though you know you can’t continue to do it all, the fear stops you. 

You often feel overwhelmed. Stopping to think clearly, creatively & strategically almost never happens. You couldn’t possibly work any harder or longer but those revenue targets are taking so long to reach. It’s so disheartening. 

Say Goodbye To Ineffective Ways of Working

  • Having ineffective strategies for how you get things done each day every day leads to burnout, overwhelm and disappointment. 
  • That feeling of stagnation despite pushing as hard as you can just leaves you paralysed as to what to do next. Doubting what is the right thing to do. 
  • The distance between you and your revenue and profit goals just never seems to get smaller. This feeling of inefficiency regardless of the hours worked leaves you feeling dejected on a daily basis. 
  • The periods of frantic chaos without seeing the fruits of your labour has you questioning if the sacrifice is all worth it. You can quickly spiral, feeling resentful and unfulfilled. 

Moving to New Ways of Working Can Completely Change Your Lifestyle

What will happen if you DON'T Change How You Do Things?

Your ineffective ways of working will have you working hard, not necessarily on the right things, putting distance between you and your goals….  

Having clear tried and tested strategies how you do things will ensure you are deliberate and intentional with your time, ONLY working on the things that are leading towards your GOALS.   

Continuing to work the long hours, doing the same things you are today will just keep you stuck, burned out and no further ahead…  

By implementing strategies that I have used to help leaders and team members save thousands of hours and tens of millions of dollars you will be opening up your own growth potential. 

By being busy busy busy all the time you don’t have the capacity to let your true creative gifts and talents shine…. 

By unleashing your true business owner potential and productivity you open yourself up to being more creative and strategic, bringing joy into your life and business. 

Creating Exceptional Leaders of Exceptional Businesses

I’m Louise Ledbrook, a High Performance Productivity Coach that has spent the last 20+ years working in change and transformation management for some of the biggest companies in the country.   

Over the years I have helped big and small business be more profitable, productive and a better place to work. Helping them save thousands of hours, tens of millions of dollars and positively impact thousands of people. 

I have developed proven strategies and techniques that often seem out of reach due to the big consulting price tag but I am now bringing these to business owners and leaders of organisations big and small. Helping leaders like you transform your life and business to achieve immediate and long lasting results, without sacrificing your lifestyle (and sanity!).

It’s leaders like you that inspire transformational change in this world. 

It’s time for you to unleash your full business leader potential. 

And I am here to help make that happen with you. 

We will work together to master your time and your mind. To refine your inner and outer systems and processes in a way which allows you to be more productive, achieve greater results, all whilst giving you more time to focus on the things you want to do, by doing less of the things you don’t. 

Helping you quite simply, be happier and get s!*t done!

Now is the time, your time. 

So let’s jump on in and work together. 

Louise x 

 From Surviving to Thriving

How to achieve more but do less.

Free Less is More for Leaders Group

Are you overwhelmed by all that you have to do let alone all the things that you want to do?  

Sick of operating below the potential you know you have?  

Working ALL the hours but feeling like you are treading water? 

The Less is More for Leaders group is designed to get you out of the busy & stuck state and to achieving more, winning every day but without the overwhelm and sacrificing your lifestyle. 

Join the Free Less is More for Leaders Group Today. 

Ready to unleash your full business leader potential without the crazy hours and get your sanity back too! 

TheOrganise Yourself Out of Overwhelm course is an8 Week Online group coached learning experiencedesigned to give you the strategies you need to achieve more without working the crazy hours in short a period of time as possible. 

Our next round starts soon. 

Join me for a short 15 minute session to see if this is the right fit for you. 

“Let’s do this! I want change and I want it now!” If that sounds like you then 1:1 coaching is for you. 

Working 1:1 with Louise you will be able to troubleshoot and implement strategies quickly specific to you and your current situation, meaning you can master your time, mind and productivity, and live out your full potential. 

You will receive personalised guidance from someone who has been transforming businesses and business leaders lives for over 20 years. 

Don’t just take control, become a master. 

Due to the 1:1 nature it is important that there is a good fit for you and Louise. Click here to book a time to speak to Louise. 


Everything is better when we do it together.  The Lean Leadership Club is a balance of learning, growth, support and connection. 

The Lean Leadership Club is a group of go getting Senior Business Leaders who want to not only take their business and career to the next level but they want to do it their way, by their rules and to fit in with their life. 

No more 100 hour weeks. 

No more sacrificing fun. 

More achieving great things but without the crazy hours and sacrificing. 

Coming Soon! 


I just added a filter to my professional G-suite and automatic file forward directly to HUBDOC and I am so pleased with myself BUT I have to say thanks because without the work we have done together to put one foot in front of the other, to help me slowly emerge out of overwhelm just the thought of trying to do this would have made me hysterical! You have often been at the other end of my hysteria poined at technology AND so kind, so patient, and so effective in helping me to work my way into being a business owner with a healthy incrementally increasing sense of control in my business - building with steadily increasing capability.

Susan Dimasi Founder and Director at Material By Product, Artisan Fashion House, Melbourne, Australia

Louise is a fantastic facilitator. The Inner Circle monthly coaching calls have been great to dive deeper into aspects of the course content, and being in such a supportive membership with other entrepreneurs is helpful in knowing that you are not alone in managing the many challenges of running a business. The course is structured into really manageable snack sized lessons, so you don’t feel overwhelmed in working through the lessons and can fit it into your busy schedule. Louise’s tips for prioritising important tasks is invaluable because every item on your to do list can seem to be urgent.

Mel Jay Founder and Coach at Simply Mel, Sydney, Australia

" I got it done" Morning Louise, I just wanted to share with you I got the sales funnel done! The deadline was today and I finished it on Friday. Thanks again for your invaluable help earlier in the week. Love to show you my work when I get back from holidays. We are off to Byron for the week so I can truly relax now! So happy, you helped me get there, thanks again. Katka, Sydney, Australia

Katka Zajac Sydrney, Australia

It was lovely to connect with you and I must say, even with just 1 hour of chatting with you, I already felt so much empowered and confident in my next action steps in my business. I didn't realize how I was self sabotaging my productivity and success by lacking clarity around my goals and telling myself I don't have time. During our chat together, I already feel like I created some powerful mindset shifts that I know I would have not been able to do it without your support and guidance. 😊 Anyway, I'm off to writing down my goals and working on all the things we discussed during our chat so that I start turning my vision into my reality. 💪🏾✨

Nicky Garcia Argentina

Despite being someone who is fast paced, quick thinking and proactively orientated, time-management has almost always been my achilles heel. It simply never occured to me to sign up for a workshop to gain support with this monumentally important skill until I met Louise and did the Time Turner workshop. This workshop laid the foundations of some significant lifestyle changes that have created shifts in my fundamental ways of moving throughout my work days - creating more space and peacefulness in my life. I am grateful for the knowledge and insights, but more so for the practical tools that I developed throughout the full day workshop. I never realised there was so much to learn about handling time!

Megan Wright Co-Founder and COO at Impactful Ventures, Melbourne, Australia

Thank you so much for the free strategy session with my initial competition entry. It was amazing & as you know I had a major breakthrough about how I had been talking to myself which I wasn’t fully conscious of. Your suggestions about how to change the way I talk to myself & my narrative around this is already starting to make a big difference.

Maryanne Pryor-Peach Australia

Working with Louise has been a game changer for me. She helped me move from complete overwhelm and chaos into calm and organized. By implementing her strategies I have been able to increase my productivity without increasing the amount of time I need to use on tasks. If you're someone who is desperate to get their sh*t together without feeling like a robot you need to give working with Louise a go and allow yourself the opportunity to truly flourish and shine.

Kris M Love Soul Cartographer, Sydney, Australia

Hi Louise, I've just returned home from a small trip, and I absulotely have to reach out to say a massive thank you. In our chat we spoke briefly about refraiming my experiences, and just that small twist of thinking has really led me to believe in myself so much more. I'm now carrying myself higher and emitting a positive energy. Some new people I met on the trip commented that I was such a ball of energy and always smiling, which made them feel warm and excited to be there. With me being socially withdrawn the last few years, this meant thew world! How such a small touch of wisdom from you has helped transform me, I will be foreever greatful. Thank you thank you thank you

Alice Henderson Australia

Hi Louise, I don't know when I subscribed to your site however just wanted to let you know that this email has really helped me & I thank you for taking the time to step away from the peaceful life with your family as reading some simple, raw outline of direction has really encouraged me to face this shit pile that has become so large in my head. Blessing, Grace xx.


Happy Earthday Lou & Thank you for enriching my life so much. Words really cannot describe the level of gratitude I feel for the level of care and support you have shown me. Your views and insights always help me to feel positive and grounded, even when I have been drowning in uncertainty. There is actually so much more I want to say thank you, as I am not sure if you understand the level of impact your mentorship has made in my life - both personally and professionally. You have helped me find my worth, begin to battle my time management woes, learn to assert stronger boundaries and to occassionally say no. Your consistency & preseverance in showing up has given me an example to look up to & follow your generousity has made a beautiful mark on my heart. I hope your birthday was great this year. Look forward to seeing you soon. Sending you lots of love.

Megan Wright Co-Founder and COO at Impactful Ventures, Melbourne, Australia

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