Brave New Work

Team Effectiveness Workshop

Remote Access is not enough?

Leaders are embarking on a whole new way of working. For many, a brave new world.

We have all had a taste of what life can be like and we want to retain the positives that came from life in lockdown.

    But as we transition to our new ways of working, giving someone remote access is not enough. If not handled effectively, it can have dire consequences for team members, leaders and the organisation as a whole.

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    Remote Work Challenges

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    Remote Work is here to stay


    of managers believe that remote work will be the new norm.


    of workers say having the option to work remotely would make them less likely to leave a company.

    Work-life balance is the main reason workers want the option to work remotely.


    Many orgnaisations have not been able to fully adapt their ways of working resulting in longer hours, burnout, more meetings and a loss of creativity and productivity.

    Not to mention stressed, unmotivated team members.

    Not Effectively Adapted to New Ways of Working

    • Productivity drops.
    • Staff are time poor and burned out.
    • Staff retention rate drops.
    • Poor communication and increased number of meetings.
    • Inconsistent uptake of ways of working dilutes the benefits.
    • Greater on-going costs.
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    High Performing Teams & Exceptional Ways of Working

    • Productivity and engagement increases.
    • Staff retention rates improve & access to global talent pool.
    • Staff feel valued, heard and have a manageable work-life balance.
    • Cohesive and highly effective team units.
    • Reduction in costs & eco footprint.
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    Team Effectiveness Workshop

    With more flexible working conditions we need ways to ensure that the team as a whole can be effective and engaged.


    Not only do we need to be able to find ways to adapt to and respect individual needs, the team needs to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate.


    In this one day workshop we go through a discovery process of what exceptional ways of working looks like for your team and define solutions to implement individually and as a whole team around collaboration, communication, boundaries and operating principles.


    This workshop must be run as a team and the leader must be part of the workshop.

    The workshop can be delivered in person on your premises or virtually.


    Sessions start from AUD $3,000 plus GST.

    Please submit a booking request to discuss pricing options including multi team discounts

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    Louise is also available for Keynotes.

    • Why the new ways aren’t working
    • Leading in this new way of working
    • Productivity, Leadership & Transformation.

    Louise is a High Performance Coach and Productivity Expert who has spent over 20 years transforming businesses, working with some of the largest companies in the country. Helping them be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

    Louise has authored several books and training programs to educate leaders and teams on a number of topics ranging from running effective projects to leadership mindset and productivity. She is also the innovator of ProSMART, a knowledge automation tool.