Embracing a Mindset Shift for Thriving with Chronic Fatigue

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Have you ever experienced the constant ebb and flow of fatigue while managing demanding projects or navigating through life’s challenges?

For the longest time, I found myself trapped in a perpetual fight mode, resisting my reality and stuck in a cycle of resistance and blame for my chronic fatigue.

It was an energy-draining cycle, and I desperately sought new answers, often questioning the legitimacy of my diagnosis.

However, a pivotal moment occurred in 2014 that marked a significant mindset shift for me.

I attended Tony Robbins’ “Unleash the Power Within,” where a session with a participant dealing with anorexia struck a chord with me. Robbins emphasized the importance of understanding the rewards, even in challenging situations, and empowering oneself to take control.

This insight prompted me to reflect on the rewards I gained during setbacks.

Surprisingly, it revealed a sense of relief when overwhelmed, as it allowed me to take a step back.

Acceptance became a powerful tool in my arsenal. Accepting my reality, my feelings, and the responsibility to control what I could control laid the foundation for positive change.

This acceptance empowered me to make lifestyle adjustments, create awareness, and explore various strategies across different aspects of life – mind, body, spirit and business – to thrive despite chronic fatigue.

The key was not giving up but acknowledging and taking responsibility for my situation.

Since then, I’ve successfully navigated through university degrees, corporate projects, and even launched businesses. While setbacks still occurred, the mindset shift allowed me to avoid major relapses. I continually implement strategies to maintain forward momentum and control over my health and success.

If you resonate with this journey, I invite you to join the Female Leaders Thriving with Chronic Fatigue Facebook group, where I share additional insights, strategies, and a supportive community.

Thank you for allowing me to share a part of my story. I believe that by embracing acceptance, responsibility, and proactive strategies, we can all move closer to our dreams despite the challenges we face.

Have a wonderful week,

Louise x

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