Sick of Letting People Down

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I have a client who keeps dropping one of the most important techniques I teach and wonders why they keep getting themselves back into a state of chaos and overwhelm. Luckily they have me’ to keep reminding them 😉 

For me, this technique is probably the one thing I know if I drop my productivity also plumets. 

And with that so does my positivity, because all of a sudden I don’t feel like I’m getting things done and I start dropping balls and letting people down. 

That never feels good, right??? 

Now I’m not trying to be harsh to my client, they’re human, we all drop things sometimes. The trick is as soon as you start to feel chaotic, not getting things done and letting people down you need to stop and ask yourself ‘what am I not doing that has caused this?’

And after some time, my client won’t need an outside reminder either.  They will have trained themselves to notice the signs and help themselves 🙂 

So what is this magical technique?? 

It’s a good one… 

A simple one! 

And can be done in just a few minutes a day. 

It’s, The Daily Plan. 

I know what you’re saying, “thanks Louise, that’s the big idea! That’s what’s going to make me feel better every day???” 


It is, but… not just any daily plan, my special daily plan. 

There are a few ingredients that make it a success and it’s not just the fact that you have to do it! 

Check out this video and I’ll let you in on my secret. Watch here. 

Let me know how you go. 

Louise x 

P.S. Of course I love the daily plan but that’s not the only strategy I use to be cool, calm and collected. If you’re sick of letting people down and not getting stuff done then it’s time we talked. Book in for a free 15 minute Productivity Power Session now

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