Why Crystal Clear Expectations are Vital for Success 

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Have you ever been in that awkward situation of workplace or contract breakdowns due to  misaligned expectations?  

We’ve all been there in some way or another, where we think we’re doing our best work only to be told that it’s not what was wanted.  

It’s frustrating, demotivating, and can even damage our reputation. 

In my latest video, I discusses the importance of being crystal clear on expectations and confirming them in writing to avoid miscommunication and breakdowns. The video highlights how misaligned expectations can cause even the most amazing people to fall apart on a piece of work. 

I talk about the steps you should take to align expectations to avoid the pitfalls of it all breaking down. 

The blame game is never fun, so let’s stop it in its tracks, right from the start. 

Not only do I talk about the steps to set expectations, but also some things to be mindful of in the process. 

Misaligned expectations can damage our reputation and relationships. 

So, if you want to avoid misaligned expectations and ensure success in the workplace, I highly recommend watching this video. Click here to watch the video. 

Let me know where expectations have tripped you up. 

Louise x 

P.S. Another area that we are all guilty is setting unrealistic expectations is when we set unrealistic goals for ourselves. Or maybe that should be realistic but we just don’t know how to make sure we stay focused on reaching them. If you are sick of feeling like you just never hit those goals you want to, like you are always setting unrealistic expectations for yourself, then let’s chat. 

I work with my clients to understand their unique situation and define strategies and habits to help them reach their goals, whatever they may be. 

Join me for a 15 minute Productivity Power Session and let’s see if we can smash through that big roadblock getting in your way. 

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