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Are you one of those high performers that also feels like if they try to learn something but don’t master it they are a failure? 

I hear different people sprouting the mantra that you can’t expect someone else in your business to do something if you don’t know how to do it yourself. 

Now, not expecting someone to do something that you aren’t willing to give a go yourself is not the same thing.  

I mean I’m willing to dig down and get my hands dirty and do whatever is required to get the outcomes for clients and the business but I also don’t expect to have mastered everything in my business that is required for it to run and be successful. 

In all honesty this is something I hear in the entrepreneurial and small business world more than the corporate world but I have heard it there too. 

But let’s look at this realistically, as your business grows and expands if you were to master all tasks in your business you would just stifle it’s growth and become a bottleneck. 

I mean do you really want to master international export law?? 

If you try something and it’s not your genius zone then find someone else to do the job. 

More, if you try something and hate it, find someone else or another way to get the job done. 

This is what good leadership is. 

If you are worried you won’t know if they are doing a good job then you need to use other techniques to determine this. 

Educate yourself on the exact outcomes you are expecting, become an expert in that. 

Then track that you are getting those outcomes. 

Your responsibility is monitoring that those things are happening. 

Get them to clearly explain their job and their tasks to you. 

Get them to document in detail the tasks they perform. 

If they can’t do those things then you know they aren’t or can’t do the job. 

But let’s come back to you. 

  1. Try it (if you want to) 
  2. Determine if you should be doing the thing. 
  3. Fill the gap if your time is better served else where 

That’s what you need to do. 

That’s your responsibility in the growth and success of you, your business and your team. 

Watch this weeks short video where I talk more about this here. 

If you are struggling to understand how to properly determine where you should be focusing YOUR time then reach out and lets chat about it. 

Book in for a quick 15 minute strategy session with me now on this link and let’s set you some quick fix actions to solve that challenge. 

Looking forward to speaking soon 

Louise x 

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