Your Intentions are not your Goals 

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Welcome to a New Year! 

Today we’re going to talk about our intentions for 2023.  

This is not about goals as such, this is different.   

This is where we’re going to think about who and what we want to be?  

What sort of person do we want to be?  

What sort of life do we want to live?  

What do we want to bring to our business, to our team?  

How do we want to be in our relationships?  

What is your focus and your energy going to be like?  

Who do we want to be?  

In my video this week I talk about setting intentions for you and your life. Watch it here. 

This is an important process and is complimentary to your goals, in fact I would almost say a prerequisite to setting goals.  

Which I’ll do with you later this month. 

By starting the new year off with some great intentions for how you’re going live your life you start to give yourself some clear direction on what you do and don’t want in your life. 

So your next steps are: 

  1. Watch the video on setting intentions here 
  2. Write your intention statement or statements (instructions in the video) 
  3. Keep an eye out for my goal setting video coming up soon and my 90 day planning workshop invitation. 

Let’s setup for joy and success. 

Louise x 

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