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It’s the final week of 2022 and everyone is either exhausted from the year that was or already pumped and ready for the year to come. 

Before we just keep on running into 2023 (yes I’m talking to your Mr/Miss Type A) let’s pause and make sure we take only positive vibes into 2023. 

As part of my last group call with my clients this year I did a Release Meditation. 

If you’ve never done a release meditation before, it is a visual meditation, not a clear your mind meditation. 

This is a nice cleansing meditation to let go of the negative energy and feelings we picked up in 2022, and some we’ve been carrying for years, and release them from ourselves back into the universe. 

Also, filling ourselves with the positive thoughts and energy and taking passion and power into 2023. 

I think this is such an important process that I’m sharing this meditation with you here today. 

So sit down and take a few minutes to yourself and re-energise with this meditation. 

Wishing you a wonderful new year and I’m looking forward to spending more time with you in 2023. 

Louise x 

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