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So this little process can and should be done at any time of the year. 

Any moment you start to feel hectic, chaotic or overwhelmed. 

Do this little process. 

But I am talking about it now because I know, you, like most business owners and high performers, you have given yourself a hefty set of goals to hit by the end of the year. 

It’s like society has created this infamous deadline of THE END OF THE YEAR to have completed ALL our goals. 

The thing with this deadline is that date is going to happen whether we want it to or not, however during the course of 365 odd days in the year, things don’t always go to plan, they don’t always stay on track and so by the time we reach the end of the year a lot has happened and a lot has changed. 

I don’t know about you but some days the entire day is flipped upside-down in a moment. 

So therefore we need to think about this deadline a little differently… 

In fact I want you to stop using it as a deadline at all. 

Think of it just as another month end. 

But there are activities going on around it, like any month end, you need to take into account. 

So let’s give ourselves a break and take a look at what is actually going on. 

In my video this week I go through a process of acceptance and replanning. 

What exactly does that mean? 

It means, let’s look at the reality of what is ACTUALLY going on for you and replan accordingly. 

Being kind to ourselves. 

While setting ourselves up for success. 

Check out this video here (especially if you are feeling pretty frantic and burned out right now) 

This process, like most of my stuff, is simple, but specific. 

It’s powerful 

It has the power to save your life 

Save your sanity 

Or maybe just save your holiday break from it being you, sleeping your burnout off all day… 

This process shows you how to: 

  • First, check-in with yourself and be clear on your reality 
  • Second, free yourself of the guilt and burden 
  • Third, make a choice on your way forward 
  • Fourth, give yourself permission to change the plan 
  • Fifth, ruthlessly and selfishly replan  
  • Sixth, take action on your plan 

So take 10 minutes, for you, to look after you, to care about you and follow my Accept and Replan process

I’d love to hear how you go with it, comment below and let me know. 

Louise x 

P.S. If you are looking for: 

  • Strategies to help you stay sane and on top of your tasks throughout the year 
  • Support from a community and coach when you need it 
  • Ways of working that bring your peace, joy and productivity all year round 

Then you should check out my Time Turner Program. Check it out here. 

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