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A famous quote says that “a goal without a plan is only a wish.” 

The thing I often find is that people set a goal, but the thought of writing a plan is overwhelming. 

Or it feels tedious and boring. 

The thing with the plan is, if you have one, it becomes your map, your compass guiding you in the direction of your goals. 

I talk about this in my video this week. You can watch it here. 


Many entrepreneurs and business owners are get ideas people, but the plan to get the idea to become a reality does not always come naturally to them. 

They kind of know what to do, but often just don’t quite know where to start. 

The good news is that planning is a skill, and a simple one. It doesn’t have to be over complicated. 

I have honed my planning skill over 20 plus years running multimillion dollar programs of work, trust me you don’t succeed at those without some planning. 

I like to keep things simple and practical. 

If this is a skill you want to improve then my Time Turner program is for you.  I help you get clarity over what has to be done every day, create time to do those things and have a plan to follow towards your goals. Check it out here. 

Louise x 

P.S. Keep an eye out for our next planning workshop coming up in January

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