Podcast Episode: Abdication Vs Delegation 

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Have you ever stopped to think about how well you are delegating? 

Even more.. Have you considered if you are actually abdicating not delegating? 

Many business owner just throw tasks at team members because they just need it done and don’t actually consider if they are doing it properly. 

I recently did a podcast with Adam Spencer on the Tradie Business School podcast talking about Abdication Vs Delegation. 

It’s a very interesting topic and I have seen many business owners abdicate responsibility because they are just so overwhelmed and tired that they just want it off their plate. 

They then wonder why it wasn’t done properly or just put their head in the sand and hope it’s being done right, until it all comes crashing down. 

Check out the Podcast and I would love to hear your thoughts on it afterwards. 

Have a list here and then reply letting me know your thoughts and reflections. 

Louise x 

P.S. Proper delegation is essential for any productive business owner. If you want some support on delegating so you can take back your time to spend on the fun stuff then reach out and let’s chat about how I can support you with that.  Book in for a 15 minute chat here, I’ll send you away with one big tip to get you started. 

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