The Guilt Can Eat You Alive

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Ahhh guilt. Such a draining hideous emotion. Right? 

Unfortunately many of us feel it. 

We feel it when we had to say no to the kids. 

We feel it when we say yes to someone and it means you sacrifice what you really want. 

We feel it when we think we ‘should’ be spending our time on something else. 

It’s a killer!!! 

All of these things relate to our time mindset. 

Mindset is one of those things where yes you need to work on the mind, but you also need to have meaningful actions to support your ability to shift your mindset. 

In my video this week I talk a little about what causes the guilt and how we can start to combat it. Check it out here. 

If you’re struggling with the guilt of not getting it all done…. 

The stress of the burden of the unfinished ToDo list… 

Then we need to catchup. 


It’s simple, is that a nice place to be? Does it feel good? 

No! Right? 

Let’s talk about that struggle and more importantly talk about the strategies that will help bring you back to joy. 

Book in for a quick catch-up by finding a time in my calendar here or reply to this email and we’ll talk about it. 

Wishing you a joy filled day  

Louise x 

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