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Some of my favourite byproducts of being more productive is that your energy tends to go up, plus your revenue and your profitability goes up as well.  

Abundance breeds abundance. 

As you learn how to be more focused and spending time on activities that help you achieve your goals without distractions, you’ll find that your energy levels go up with your productivity. 

I’m not talking about working harder to hit those goals. 

I’m talking about being smart about using your time so you are more productive without extending your hours. 

In fact I want to see you working less hours. 

Being productive makes you feel good. 

Feeling good increases your energy, whereas negative feelings are draining. 

And as you spend more time on the right things,  your revenue goes up with your productivity. 

You lead better and are in a position to grow and scale. 

First, you must know what the right things are. 

Then you must have good habits in place that allow you to focus on those things. 

But that also help you have the the energy, space and capacity to understand what’s important and be really strategic and creative in achieving your goals. 

I talk more about the flow on effect of productivity to our energy and profitability in my short video

So if you’re feeling drained and unproductive now would be a good time to make a change. 

Louise x 

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