Stuck in Paralysis of Indecision

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You know that feeling of complete indecision because you are just not quite sure what to do next?? 

It’s almost a state of paralysis. 

Often I hear people opt for simple procrastination because the decision of what is most important is too overwhelming. 

You know those days where cleaning the toilet seems like a great idea or doing 3 loads of washing even though you know there is a pile of work waiting for you?? 

This paralysis is often a symptom of lack of clarity and certainty of goals. 

You aren’t crystal clear, in detail, on what you are working towards. 

Now before you tell me you have goals and know exactly where you want to go let me ask you… 

How specific are those goals? 

Are they more vague and less defined? 

This matters. 

This is often the underlying cause of indecision whether it is in relation to the goal itself or the steps required to achieve the goals. 

In my short video I talk about some examples of more defined goals so you can see if your goals are giving you enough clarity. 

Apply this concept to the tasks and steps you have on your ToDo list or plan as well. 

Are they clear enough? 

Are they too big and conceptual? 

Get specific, get clarity, get certainty, end the indecision. 

Louise x 

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