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How your time is spent can be a source of anxiety, frustration or joy. 

This goes for how we think and feel about our time also. 

When it comes to our time mindset it can often feel like we’re fighting against society to gain a positive time mindset since it is constantly telling us we’re too busy. 

I mean it’s in our everyday language… 

I’m so busy 

The rat race 

Hustle grind 

Burning the midnight oil 

Putting in the hard yards 

Sacrificing for your dreams 

Everyone is soooo busy 

Time is one of those things we all… just have. 

You don’t have more than me, and I don’t have more than you. 

But I bet we all feel slightly differently about our time. 

Some people feel confident that they have control of how and where their time goes. 

They feel good about what they did, and didn’t do with their time. 

Others tell themselves some pretty horrible things about how they are terrible at managing time. 

That they never find enough time 

That they are too busy to do anything they want to. 

We all know how important a positive mindset is to our general well-being.  

Many of us bring practices into our lives to help us keep a positive mindset. 

But I want to help create a greater awareness of the power of a positive time mindset

Too many people don’t even realise just how poor their time mindset is. 

Much like when shifting your money mindset helps you be more abundant with money, shifting your time mindset also helps you be more abundant with time. 

The August members only masterclass is on the power of a positive time mindset and how a positive time mindset can shift your success and joy in all areas of your life. 

This masterclass is not to be missed. So join the Time Turner program now for as little as $97 while our special competition pricing is still available and join us for the August members masterclass on Monday 1 August PST / Tuesday 2 August AEST. 

You still have a few days to join. So become a member now here

I look forward to seeing you in our next members masterclass. 

Louise x 

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