It doesn’t have to be a burden.

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So everyone pretty much has a to do list of some sort, right?  

A list of things somewhere. 

Maybe it’s post it notes scattered all over your desk. 

Or an actual list in a book or an app. 

Everyone has some kind of list of stuff that they wrote down somewhere at some stage, full of stuff that you have to do.  

Okay, so some people are better at managing their ToDo lists than others.  

But my question is…. 

Do you find you actually resent that ToDo list?  

Do you often avoid it because it’s so overwhelming you want nothing to do with it? 

It feels like a weight on your shoulders.  

A constant reminder of everything that’s still left undone. 

I want to help you flip that feeling on its head. 

So here’s a few things you need to know about your ToDo list. 

Change the narrative around the ToDo list. 

A ToDo list is a tool to help us remember everything that we would like to and need to get done. 

We put it on a list because our brains are too full to remember it all. 

Think of the ToDo list as a store room of things you need to do. 

Then each day only pull out a couple of top things that need to be done and focus on those. 

If you look at the giant list every day all day wondering what to do next then you spend your whole day thinking about what to do instead of doing. It’s like searching around that store room constantly. 

Just pull out what you need. 

Watch my short video list on the ToDo list burden here. 

Putting good habits and strategies into play every day so that the ToDo list is no longer a burden but your best friend not only helps you get stuff done, but alleviates the mental burden and stress of all that stuff that feels undone. 

No one wants to feel weighed down every day. 

Start focusing on a small list of things that can realistically get done each day. 

I promise, it feels so much better 🙂 

Louise x 

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