That project does not equal profit

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I bet you have a million ideas and want all of them to come to life NOW! 

The thing is… for any of our ideas to truly come to life, we can’t do them ALL now. 

You have most likely heard me talk before about how important it is to be super intentional with your time. 

Now there is kind of a hierarchy of time use, and you need to be intentional at all levels from the projects you choose to do down to what you do with each minute of your day. 

First there is the projects you choose to work on. 

A new product, writing a book, learning an instrument, working at the school canteen. 

All of them great projects to work on. 


Should you be working on them all, either at all or just now?? 

In my video this week I talk about choosing the right projects to work on so that you aren’t distracted from increasing revenue and profitability. 

Check it out here. 

So think about those projects you are working on right now. 

Are they the right things to be working on? 

Don’t feel like if you stop you failed, think of it as you learned some stuff and you now need to focus on a new direction. 

What should you be focused on today? 

Louise x 

Louise Ledbrook

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