It Takes More Than Remote Access 

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What a brave new world we are living in.   

The way we work will never look the same again. 

However, many organisations are fumbling through this new landscape not quite sure how to make it work. 

Organisations have given their teams remote access and permission to work from home but it’s not that simple. 

Having led remote work from home teams for 10 years now I know first hand if you want your team to be efficient and engaged you need the right strategies around daily operating rhythms, collaboration and communication that cater to individual and team needs. 

Many people are finding they are: 

– working long hours; 

– struggling to unplug from work; and  

– have an increased number of meetings just to get their job done. 

This has long term impacts on the organisation around  

– corporate amnesia as staff leave;  

– increased sick and stress leave;  

– decreased productivity; and  

– greater on-going costs. 

With more flexible working conditions leaders need ways to ensure that the team as a whole can be effective and engaged. 

Not only do we need to be able to find ways to adapt to and respect individual needs, the team needs to be able to effectively communicate and collaborate. 

So I wanted to let you know about a new workshop I am running for teams to help them be the most effective they can be without diluting all the wonderful benefits of this new way of working. 

In this one day workshop we go through a discovery process of what exceptional ways of working looks like for your team and define solutions to implement individually and as a whole team around collaboration, communication, boundaries and operating principles. 

This workshop can be run face to face (it’s nice to be back seeing real people:) ) or virtually, depending on how your team is distributed and your location. 

You can find out more here. 

I am currently booking in sessions or the next 4 months. 

If you want to know anything further or to book in please reach out. 

Louise x 

Louise Ledbrook

I help high performing people like you transform your life and business to achieve next level results.


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