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If you’ve been following Organise Yourself on Instagram you will see that I am currently 21 days into a 75 day mental toughness challenge.  

Why would I do such a thing? 

Just like everyone else I have fears and goals.. and fears of not reaching those goals. 

I have things that I know I should be doing but I’m not. 

A mental toughness challenge is about proving to yourself, and no one else, that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. 

That you can and will keep your promises to yourself. 

And that if you put your mind to it, you will prioritise and do what it takes to get the most important things done. 

Do you ever find that you get to the end of the day and you did get a bunch of stuff done, but not the most important things? 

This challenge is partly about finding ways to make sure you get the right things done. 

Obviously, I have many things other than the challenge that need to be done each day but if I get to 10 pm at night and I still haven’t completed all components on the challenge list…. 

Then I need to ask myself, ‘am I willing to push through and get them done so that I don’t fail this challenge?’

Because with this challenge, if you fail one day, you go back to day 1. 

Now although I have 54 days to go, the number one thing that has meant I’ve made it this far is being organised and planning ahead. 

I do feel that since this is almost habitual for me, I do have a bit of an advantage 😉 

Two components of this challenge is 2 x daily workouts of 45 minutes, one has to be outdoors and they have to be separate. 

Of course, I need to fit these into my already busy schedule. 

If I don’t plan ahead I could very well be walking in the rain at 11pm at night so I get it done. 

And if things don’t go to plan, that may still happen but it’s less common if I plan ahead. 

The days where things didn’t go to plan and the one day I didn’t plan, I was working out late at night.  

When I was tired. 

And all I wanted to do was sit on the couch and watch Netflix. 

Now these are great lessons for anything that you want to achieve in life. 

Achieving your goals may not be as complex and difficult as you think. 

It might be as simple as using some really good planning techniques so you get stuff done, and the right stuff done. 

If you would like to start getting the right stuff done then the Inner Circle is for you. 

In the Inner Circle program you get: 

  •  Video lessons that can watched over a coffee break 
  •  Motivational Activities 
  •  Meditations 
  •  Productivity and Time Mastery Tools 
  •  Live Monthly Masterclass with Louise & Special Guests 
  •  Live Monthly Group Coaching with Louise 
  •  Community of like minded business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs 
  • And more… 

So you don’t have to go as extreme as me, plus I built up to this challenge. I love challenges! 🙂 

But… I do encourage you to challenge yourself.  

If you have a goal or a dream, are you making sure you get the right stuff done to get there? 

Louise x 

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