My Secret to Winning while Working Less

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Today I want to chat about my secret to winning while not working all the hours.  

Well, these are the things that I make sure that I have incorporated into my life, the practices that I have in my life and my business, to keep winning, but not working all the hours. 

I’ve been there and have no desire to be there again. 

I’ve done the days, the nights, the weekends, the sacrificing everything.  

And I choose not to do that anymore.  

Here’s some of the ways that I make sure that happens.  

The first thing is, I know exactly where I’m going. 

I’m Crystal clear on my goals, what direction I’m moving in and where I want to go.  

I also remind myself of those goals all the time, so that they are always front of mind. 

My goals then become part of all the decisions that I make.  

Second, I make sure that I say no to lots of things. 

I only yes to the things that are aligned to where I want to go.  

I don’t want to be saying yes to everything because I feel like I’m obligated.  

No, I only say yes to the things that matter and that are aligned to my goals.  

Of course, also to what makes me happy.  

Thirdly,  I make sure that I am laser focused on a single project, model or a new thing at a time.  

I don’t want to be working on 15 different things that I’ve got to chop and change my focus on. 

I pick one thing.  

And that’s what I’m focused on.  

Then once it’s up and running or completed, then I move onto the next big thing. 

If I have too many things going on, then it just drags out the timeframe.  

It means that a goal is now further out because I’m trying to juggle too many different things. 

By focusing on one, I can quickly get to the end of that project and quickly get onto the next.  

This way I can just stack up the wins instead of dragging them out.  

It’s really rewarding to be able to win, but work less hours. 

Try implementing some of these things for yourself. 

Louise x 

P.S. If you’d like to chat more about any of these strategies and how they can work for you then book in for a free 15 minute chat here. 

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