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I’ve started small weekly Time Management and Productivity challenges over on the Organise Yourself Instagram page. 

You can check out this week’s challenge here. 

But let’s talk about this week’s challenge. 

I want you to do a self-reflection on how well you respect your time

I don’t think many of us even think about whether we respect our time. 

We just use it up and wonder where it all went. 

Do you respect it as much as you respect and take care of your money

Do you waste your time more than you waste your cash

If someone asks you to spend a few hundred dollars on something are you quick to say yes?  

Or do you stop and think about whether you really want that thing and if it’s value for money


If someone asks you to spend an hour or two on something how quick are you to say yes?  

Most of us don’t think about whether we have the time, we just look for the next available time slot and do the thing. 

Instead you should be asking yourself… 

  • Do I think it is that a good use of my time? 
  • Is it worth my hourly rate to do that? 
  • Is it helping me towards the things I want? 
  • Is it worth a few hundred dollars of my time? 

Time is a pretty damn valuable resource. 

I want you to have a look at how much you are respecting and taking care of your time. 

Really think about it… 

It’s your time, are you getting the most value out of it? 

Louise x 

P.S. If you want to get the absolute most value out of your time then it might be time to check out the OY Inner Circle.  The OY Inner Circle is designed to help you be the most productive you can be when you choose to be. It’s about creating space to make good choices and to spend time on those things that are important to you.  Check it out here. 

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