My Favourite Sleep Rituals

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We all know as business owners, many of us struggle with sleep.  

Either getting to sleep or staying asleep. 

In fact I struggled with this since I was a child. 

I just couldn’t switch my brain off. 

So I tried all the strategies and as an adult I spent a few years training myself to sleep. 

I just wanted to introduce you to some of the things that I often incorporate into my sleep ritual.  

To help me get to sleep, to stay asleep and have a good night’s sleep.  

You can watch a short video of me talking about my sleep rituals here. 

Now, I don’t always do every single one of them every day.  

And of course,  because I’m human and stuff happens, sometimes some things slip. 

But these are the sorts of things I like to include in it.  

My number one thing, and this is not really part of my sleep ritual, but it has to happen for my sleep ritual to be effective is my plan for the next day.  

I always make sure I’ve planned my next day, because then it’s off my mind. I’ve relieved myself of the burden of wondering what I’m going to do tomorrow, or what didn’t get done today. So my plan for the next day is my number one thing. 

Number two 

I like to make sure that I switch off my devices a few hours before going to bed.  

  • So no computers,  
  • No checking phones,  
  • No watching Netflix,  
  • No working a few hours before going to bed,  

I need to be wound down from the devices to be able to get to sleep. And then to have a good night’s sleep as well.  

I also make sure I put my phone on flight mode and silent.  

Number three 

I often like to stretch because I feel like it releases the energy of the day.  

And refreshes me for the evening.  

Number four 

I often put on a lavender diffuser.  Many studies show lavender helps sleep. 

Number five 

I like to read. 

Ideally I read something that’s not really stimulating or too much of a page turner. This can be tricky so you might have to use a little will power to put the book down but definitely books that will not stimulate too much thought. 

Number six 

Sometimes after my stretch I like to meditate. 

But I do like to put a sleep mediation on to fall asleep. 

Over time it becomes a trigger for my brain to know this is sleep time. 

They are the main things that I like to incorporate into my sleep ritual to clear and calm my mind, to improve my rest and to make sure I am operating at my best the next day. 

We need to find ways that we can stop, slow down, and to have a really good night’s sleep because it’s super important for our productivity the next day. 

Wishing you a restful sleep. 

Louise x 

P.S. Want to know more about practices you can incorporate into your day to be more productive? Let’s have a chat. You can direct message me here. 

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