The Devastation was Like Nothing I’ve Seen

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Yesterday I went to visit a friend that lives in the north of NSW where they were recently hit with some of the worst flooding in recorded history in the region. 

The destruction that I saw just driving through the towns can only be described as absolutely devastating. 

Cars and houses destroyed and roads and mountain sides completely washed away in landslides. 

However, there was a great sense of community and I saw residents, volunteers and the military working side by side in the clean-up.  

But, there was also great sadness and loss. 

I saw entire contents of houses on the side of the road, covered in mud, waiting to be taken away.  

In some cases, that is all that is left of a lifetime of memories. 

It definitely got me thinking… 

Just in the last 5 years, people in this region have suffered two devastating flood, horrific bushfires and a pandemic. 

Those people have no choice but to get up each day and do what it takes to rebuild their lives. 

They have to choose to move forward. 

I am so blessed and grateful for what I have, but it is a reminder that there is no time to waste on things that are not important. 

Things that are not creating the life I want to live and the business I want to create. 

I am reminded that when I have a day that I know I wasted not focused on the right things, I should be grateful that I am in a position that I can even do that. 

After so much devastation and such a tough start to the year I feel like it’s a perfect time to do a review of what is important to us and on the practices we put in place every day to make sure we work towards living the life we want and achieving our goals. 

We can’t dwell on what has or hasn’t happened, we have to just stop, and make a re-commitment. As Gay Hendricks says it’s the re-commitment to your goals that is most important and where the learning truly is. 

Next month the masterclass that I am running for my members is a Review of where we are at so we can make some tweaks and adjustments to our every day practices.  

Because it’s not one thing, but what we do every day that will take us to our goals. 

If you would like to join us for this masterclass join us in the OY Inner Circle. Find out more here. 

Wishing you health and happiness 

Louise x 

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