Is the sacrifice worth it??

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If you set and write down your goals you are actually in the minority. 

Many people create some kind of New Years resolution which is quickly forgotten by the end of January. 

But those who not only write down their goals but create a plan to achieving them are in the 2% of the population. 

It’s no secret, all of the successful people I hear of or talk to say being clear on your goals and systematically working towards them is the key to success. 

This is precisely why I work with my clients to create 90 days plans to achieve their goals. 


I love the plan 

I recommend creating the plan 

But we have to take it a step further. 

If you go and create a plan that has you working 14 hour days and rarely having a weekend off, well I think it might be time to make an adjustment. 

I encourage you to ask yourself, “What am I sacrificing to achieve these goals?” 

Don’t get caught in the trap of saying to yourself, “in a couple of years once I hit my goals, then I can back off.” 

Firstly, nothing ever goes exactly to plan and the couple of years could be many years. 

Secondly, you are alive, breathing and living today. 

To sacrifice all that’s dear to you to achieve your goals might mean you need to rethink those goals, or your approach to the goals, or your timing. 

In this video I discuss this in more detail. 

How do you want to be and live? 

Do you want to spend time with friends on the weekend? 

Be able to take the kids to soccer training? 

Sit down, have a cup of tea and read a book? 

Be careful of being caught in the trap of thinking you are only sacrificing short term. 

Is the sacrifice worth it? 

When is enough enough? 

If you feel like enough is enough and you want to achieve more but not work the crazy hours, then let’s chat. 

You can just send me a simple message and start a conversation here. Let me know what your biggest challenge is right now and let’s tackle that first. 

The answers you are looking for might be simpler than you think. 

Hoping you achieve all your goals 

Louise x 

P.S. Ask yourself, what is your biggest challenge right now?  Reach out and I will help you with that challenge with one big tip to get you on your way for Free. Message me here. 

P.P.S. This is my final 90 Day planning workshop lesson email but never fear next month I am running a Quarterly Reset workshop. Keep an eye on your inbox for an invite. 

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