An Epidemic of No Limits

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Today I wanted to talk about an issue that I’ve heard a lot of people talking about, even more so since the beginning of the pandemic. Since the first lockdowns. 

It’s the issue of our work life and our home life seeming to mesh together. 

Of there never seeming to be an end to the workday. 

Everyone always feels like they are on or they have to be on or they’re expected to be on and available. 

This is quite literally burning out and sucking the life out of us. 

With the transition to working from home, one of the biggest issues I have seen, that organisations are not addressing, is people not feeling like they can escape work. 

Partly because their office is now part of their living spaces in many cases, so there is no separation. 

Plus, if you have not consciously created boundaries in your work and home life, they just end up blending together. 

With no seeming end to work and no start to rest. 

Myself and my team have been working as a virtual team for over 10 years now. 

Sure there was definitely some teething at first. 

But my team and I now have 10 years of experience under our belts in navigating this balancing act. 

I encourage you to start with one simple but small step to solve this feeling of relentless work. 

Create an end time to work. 


Before everyone worked from home… 

We went to an office and then we left the office. 

That act of leaving was us creating that boundary. 

(Some people continued to work at home sure but that’s another topic for discussion at another time.) 

I discuss the need and benefits of these boundaries in our lives in this short video. 

If you are still feeling that pressure that work never stops. 

Struggling to get yourself some down time. 

Then please reach out and drop me a note here. 

Just message ‘It feels like work never stops’ and I’ll help you with one big personalised tip that will help you on your way to a more balanced separation of time. 

Wishing you a wonderful day! 

Louise x 

P.S. I know how hard it can be juggling all the things. Family, work, home and more… If you just can’t seem to get out from under that ToDo list and all you feel like you are doing is running around working all the time. Drop me a message here and let’s start getting you out of that chaotic state. 

Louise Ledbrook

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