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You know those days that feel so busy, like you did a million things but you get to the end and ask yourself “what did I actually get done today?”. 

It’s so frustrating because you know you didn’t stop. 

In fact your mind feels a bit like a muddle, chaotic in fact because it’s been so frantic. 


You are not sure what you actually got done. 

The thing is, you probably dealt with a bunch of things. 

Answered peoples questions and concerns. 

Started and stopped a bunch of tasks maybe. 

Maybe opened and read emails but didn’t action or respond to them. 

But possibly didn’t complete to the end, anything. 

Don’t worry you are not alone. 

In the 90 Day planning workshop I taught a couple of powerful techniques to help you stay on track each day to actually getting stuff done and to reach your goals. 

One is a method that helps you stay focused on a task start to finish and complete the task. If used correctly. 

It’s a very simple, yet effective technique. 

Time Blocking. 

Watch this short video here to find out more detail on how to use this technique effectively.  

It’s not quite as simple as create a block and do some stuff. 

You also have to make sure you don’t allow yourself to be distracted in that block. 

Your mission is to complete a task.  

Start to finish. 

By implementing simple but powerful techniques like this into your day you will find you start to have little wins on a daily basis. 

It feels nice to get stuff done. 

If you find you try this technique and it’s not working for you reach out because there may be something getting in the way of you using it effectively. 

If you want to learn more about using simple yet powerful strategies to get stuff done then check out the Inner Circle. 

The combination of strategies when used together bring a sense of calm to your days while dramatically increasing your productivity. 

Wishing you an a amazing day! 

Louise x 

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