Naturally distracted?

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Are you like me at all? 

I have quite a short attention span. 

I’m fidgety. 

I like to get up and walk around and move all the time. 

I’m naturally easily distracted because my brain always has a million things going through it. 

That’s why the strategies I use every day are so important to me. 

I know that if I don’t use them I can easily fluff around all day, just doing stuff but not really getting anything done. 

Anyway, one of the strategies I use when I want to make sure I complete a task is use a Timer. 

This is so ridiculously simple anyone can do it and if you have a phone you have access to this nifty productivity tool already. 

Watch this video where I give tips on how to get the most out of the timer strategy

Now I mention why in the video but I personally don’t use the timer all day every day, however some people love it and find they need to. 

When I was cramming for exams in Uni, I would use it for days leading up so I stayed focused on studying. 

If you’re looking for better ways to carry out your days so you are focused, get stuff done but don’t feel frantic and chaotic then the Inner Circle program might be just what you’re looking for. 

It is jam packed with more value than ever. Check out everything that’s included here. 

Wishing you a calmly productive day 😊 

Louise x 

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