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Ok so this lesson is one of my absolute favourites and I am sure this is not the first and will not be the last time you will hear me talk about this topic. 

So doing a 90 day plan is a simple exercise, but there are some very specific techniques that you need to include for it to be successful. 

It’s simple, yes… but not as simple and pick some goals and smack a few target dates on a calendar. 

Just one of the elements of a successful 90 day plan are ‘guesstimates‘. 

How can a guess make a plan more successful?? 

A guesstimate or estimate helps you work out what can realistically fit into your days.  

Also it helps you have clarity on the size of a task. 

Sometimes we put something on our ToDo list and wonder why we didn’t get it done and then realise it was because it was actually a 3 day task. 

Unless we stop to think about it we have no clarity on what is actually possible in the time we have. 

Like any technique guesstimates are a skill and take practice.  

You won’t get them right the first time but with practice you’ll get closer. Every time. 

Even after 20 years of estimating how long things will take I still sometimes get it wrong. 


This does not make it any less valuable

In fact in not just my 90 day but my daily plans, estimates (guesstimates) are one of the most important elements. 

I have no desire to feel like crap on a daily basis because every day I think I can fit in more than I actually can. 

My desire is to feel like I am kicking goals and actually get stuff done every day. 

I don’t know about you but my number one goal is to feel good. 

And guestimates are foundational in helping me do that. 

Check out my video on guesstimates here. 

Adam mentioned in the session that he is often overly optimistic with his estimates. So he’s learned that if he doubles his estimates he’s likely to be closer or even better, get extra time back to do other things. 

Using estimates is a really great way to make your planning more realistic and accurate.  

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Wishing you a winning day. 

Louise x 

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