Awareness can be so disappointing

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One fantastic and extremely useful by-product of a process like 90 day planning is it creates an acute awareness that you would never have without this process. 

An awareness of what is actually possible 

An awareness of the sacrifices you are making 

An awareness of the choices you need to make 

An awareness of what is also… not possible. 

Now I know that finding out the 25 goals you thought you would achieve in only 90 days is not looking likely is disappointing, I get it! 

But wouldn’t you prefer to know you were never going to achieve them all before you go and spend hours and hours, working tirelessly days, nights and weekends only to find out at the end of the 90 days you are not even close? 

I sure would! 

Awareness is actually empowering

What my video on this topic here. 

Time is one of my most valuable resources. 

I want to make the absolute most of every minute. 

I want to make sure that I am using all my time well and that I am not wasting any of it. 

How do I make sure that happens? 

Well I use techniques like planning, for one, to make sure I am very intentional with my time use. 

That I am aware of what I can and can’t achieve so I ONLY spend time on things I am likely to achieve. 

I empower myself with the knowledge and tools I need to make great decisions every day. 

If you are sick of being disappointed with everything you didn’t get done. Then let’s start helping you get stuff done!  

For as little $97 you can get started.  

Wishing you a productive joyous week. 

Louise x 

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