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If you did the planning workshop you might be sick of hearing me talk about his one 😉 

But it’s so important it deserves repeating. 

Obviously I am a fan of a plan. 

I think if you don’t have a good plan you spend each day aimlessly wandering hoping you’ll stumble towards your goals. 

So have a plan. 


This plan is a map or a guide. 

Like any exciting journey sometimes things don’t go to plan.  

You take a wrong turn. 

You get sent on a detour. 

But instead of throwing the whole trip in the bin. 

You look at your map and you readjust. 

You re-route. 

That is what the plan is for. 

Its purpose is to help you make good choices about where to spend your time each day. 

So I don’t want to hear about anyone beating themselves up for missing dates or things not going to plan. 

It’s a guide not a stick to beat yourself with. 

Watch my video about this here. 

In my old days of Corporate Transformation I would create plans to manage hundreds of people over months and months.  

And if you’ve working for a large corporate you will know that they like to think that once you create those dates you will always hit them. 

So my job was to juggle, reshuffle and move things around on a daily basis so we could keep moving towards our goals even in the chaos of every day where things happened and changed every minute. 

I used that plan to make good decisions and guide the team forward, not reprimand people for things they couldn’t control. 

And that is the same principle I use today in my business. 

It is my guide to making good decisions. 

But planning does not come naturally to everyone and having great skills comes from practice and I have years of practice I can share with you. 

I would love for you to join me in the Organise Yourself Inner Circle where we can work together on you having those skills in your toolkit so you can be the most profitable and productive you can be. 

Check out the Inner Circle here. 

Louise x 

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