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So last week in the 90 Day Planning workshop, before we start planning out how we are going to achieve our goals I ask participants to do a very important task. 

This is one thing many people don’t even think about when planning out achieving their goals. 

Not doing this thing can be the difference between a plan destined to fail and a winning plan. 

You need to consider ALL the things that you already have planned and are regularly going on, in not only your work but your life! 

Holidays coming up, regular days off, regular meetings, commitments with the family and more… 

One of our members Adam mentioned that after the planning process he realised he hadn’t included everything… 

Yes he put the big things in but he also had things like commitments he had made to himself to block out certain work time that he didn’t consider. 

Such as big blocks of sales activities. 

What this meant was he realised he couldn’t make a realistic plan because he hadn’t accounted for all his time yet and all he would have ended up doing was double booking his time. 

Check out my video on this here. 

When you are trying to determine how many goals you can fit into 90 days, you do really need to take into consideration all the other commitments that you already have. Whether that’s regular, consistent processes  or big events. 

If you can become the master of your time, then you truly become the master of your destiny every day.  

Things don’t happen to you, you make things happen. 

One way to become a time master is to join the OY Inner Circle. 

Find out more about the Inner Circle here. 

Have an amazing day! 

Louise x 

P.S. There are plenty of lessons in the online materials available in the OY Inner Circle regarding planning towards your goals. Check out the Inner Circle here. 

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