Do you have the luxury of this choice?

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This morning I got up and just didn’t feel like working today. 

I had a late night, not doing anything important, just binging Morning Wars on Apple TV. (if you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it) And I’ve had a cold for over a week that is just making me more tired. 

So I decided to take it easy today. 

I checked my plan for the day, because I had already done that the night before. 

Just to check if anything was urgent on the list that I had to do. 

Then, I had a lazy breakfast. I wrapped some Christmas presents. 

Then after a meeting I had scheduled I decided to get comfy, read a book and take a nap. 

I am blessed that I have the luxury of being able to make that choice. 

I’ve worked hard at creating a business that enables me to make that choice. 

There are a few things that allow for me to make those kinds of choices. 

First, I have designed my business and my life so I don’t have to work crazy hours anyway. 

Second, I have also built my business so that for the most part, I don’t have to be at the centre of everything for it to still keep going along each day. 

Third, I have techniques in place that allow me to make quick decisions so that I am comfortable knowing that I can choose not to work today. 

I am glad you at least took the time out for yourself to read this, but would you say you have the luxury to make this kind of choice, any day you want? 

It’s your business, you shouldn’t be a slave to it. 

Want to learn the things I do so I can have this choice? 

Find out more here. 

Louise x 

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