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I was once an extreme perfectionist but embracing and learning to just get stuff done, to use the 80/20 rule has not only saved me hours, but it saved me stress, overwhelm and even made me money. 

I’ve been wanting to get some more photos taken  of myself that I can use in my business but having been in lockdown for so long I never got around to it. 

And then things got really busy once we got out so I didn’t get around to booking it in.  

Plus it hasn’t stopped raining here in weeks!  

However, this week I was asked by my marketing expert to get some more photos to use in my ads. A specific type of photo that I didn’t have enough of. 

I wanted to get this marketing campaign up and running ASAP. So instead of booking in a photographer and spending hours taking photos I recruited my children to take some photos. Now my kids are not photographers… they are 8 and 11. 

But they were more than happy to help at the last minute.  

And all I needed was one good picture. 

Now, sure, there were more that didn’t work than did.  (You can see some of those here just for fun.) 

But we got some good shots and most importantly, I got the one that I needed.  

Plus, I didn’t have to wait to for a photographer. It was done in half an hour. 

I just got it done! 

How often do you find yourself ruminating and procrastinating and not finishing things or getting them done because you’re worried that you don’t have it all perfect? 

Is that holding you back?  

Is that adding hours to your day?  

Stretching out the time to reach your goals? 

Not only did I slash the time it took me to get what I needed.  

I got to have some fun with my kids. 

So embrace the 80/20 rule and just get it done! 

Here’s to getting things done. 

Louise x 

P.S. Need some more strategies to be able to just get it done? Join me on a 15 minute call and let’s get you on your way to getting it done! Book into my calendar here. 

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