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So Christmas is just around the corner. And I’m not saying that to frighten you.  

I’m saying that because I don’t want you to get caught up in the Christmas crush.  

The chaos of everything that has to be done by Christmas.  

I’m sure you are as guilty as everyone else. Giving yourself a Christmas deadline for one or more things. 

So you don’t get completely stressed out and get to Christmas and fall in a heap I want you to consider something very seriously…  

Does it really need to get done by Christmas?  

Ultimately, it’s just another month of the year, so could you push it to January instead?  

 Maybe you’ve decided to take time off in January so you don’t think it can wait. 

When does it really really need to be done by? 

Is it worth being a stressed out ball of nerves by Christmas for this thing? 

So if you decided it really has to be done by Christmas, let’s talk about how we are going to make that happen without burning out. 

So that you aren’t frantic and reactive, you need a plan of attack

This will help you determine if you can actually get it done in the next few weeks, realistically and it guides you each day so you can focus your time on the right things. 

If you do a plan and realise it’s just not going to fit but you still want to do it…. 

You need to start making some choices. 

  • Are you going do less of it? Reduce how much work you were going to put in. 
  • Are you going to break it into parts? Maybe some needs to be done now and some later. 
  • How are you going to free up your time and make the space so you can get those things done without killing yourself?  
  • Are there other things that could be pushed to another time?  
  • Are there other things that could be stopped altogether?  
  • Could you do less of something else on your ToDo list? 

Don’t get caught in the crush towards Christmas.  

Be really intentional with what you choose to put your energy into, because we are already starting to run on empty. 

It’s the end of a very long year for everyone. 

Make sure that this is a really fun, festive time for you.  

I want you to get to Christmas feeling good, not completely exhausted.  

That’s what I want for you.  

Don’t create these deadlines, which mean you have to kill yourself unless they’re necessary.  

And then question if they are really necessary after all. 

So de-stress by having a plan of attack, making good decisions about how you’re going to attack that plan and really questioning where you spend your time.  

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Wishing you a happy chaos free week. 


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