Do you trust yourself?

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I’ve been having a bit of a personal dilemma, for what seems like a long time actually, in different ways. And it makes me wonder if it’s me. Am I the problem? 

I’ve had a number of different coaches and worked with many experts to support me in my business over the years.  On a number of occasions, I’ve come up against an issue with their recommendations. Either I don’t agree or it doesn’t feel right.  

Often they are so certain of their recommendations that I wonder if I’m wrong. 

I often also say to myself. Well, they’re the experts. This is what I’m paying for. I’m going to trust that recommendation. I’m going to trust that process.  

Nothing big happens in the comfort zone right?? 

But I also know that I need to have a strong trust in myself. 

Sure, when it comes to a new process that I don’t understand, I should absolutely trust the experts.  

I should follow it until I know it well enough that I can make it my own but when it comes to the things that I’m passionate about, the things that I want to do with my time every day, the people I want to serve and spend my time with, only I actually know what that truly is. What feels right.  

I find it’s about perspective. Digging deep and questioning myself. 

Am I resisting discomfort? 

Am I looking at things wrong? 

Am I looking at it with eyes of my past traumas and experiences? 

Then it’s up to me to trust myself to decide what to do.  

It’s also up to me to decide when I need to trust that it’s time to change direction or pivot or sit in the discomfort and trust the experts and push through. 

We can waste a lot of time second guessing ourselves. 

In my Inner Circle, I teach my clients how to decide for themselves based on what they love, their passion, their purpose, their goals, the way they want to be, the way they want to live their lives, the person they want to be. 

I teach them how to use those as the foundations of making decisions so that you end up making the right decision for you based on what’s important for you. 

Having a strong foundation is how you can trust yourself.  

And having a community you can call on to help you brainstorm your issue can help you get perspective and clarity. 

Do you find yourself second guessing your decisions?  

Sometimes it can be as simple as deciding what to do today. 

If you want help being able to trust that every decision you make about where you spend your time is the right one or knowing that you can trust yourself enough to change as soon as that’s not working.  

Then reach out let’s chat, because as a business owner, you need to be able to make decisions like a ninja. 

Quickly, confidently and without fear. 

Best of luck! 

Louise x 

P.S. Not sure if this is right for you, let’s have a quick chat about your needs. Book into my calendar here. 

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