Paralysed by Perfection

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It’s already getting pretty busy in the ramp up to Christmas, so be careful to not let the momentum of the Christmas lead up chaos drag you under. 

Today I had a great chat to Kat one of our Inner Circle members about how the desire to get it all done and do it right can start to cause total utter paralysis.  

The trick is just starting.  

It doesn’t have to be a big meaty task or sometimes it doesn’t even have to be the most important task, you just have to start.  

When there feels like there is so much to do we freeze with the uncertainty of where to start. 

Don’t let yourself be paralysed by the need to be perfect, to get it 100% right and to do it all. 

Don’t stress about whether it is going to work out, because by not starting it is already not working out. 

Just do it and get started. 

One of the things Kat was stressing about was giving her VA the right written instructions to get a task done. 

Always! Keep it simple. 

And the most simple, yet effective way to get instructions across is to use your own voice to talk through the instructions. 

I gave Kat some simple go to tips on giving good instructions, discussed what mediums she should use to get her message across clearest and she was on her way to getting that task off her plate! 

Kat was so thankful for the conversation to get her out of her funk and back to nailing it. 

Looks like our Inner Circle Group Call was just what she needed πŸ™‚ 

So are you stuck in that state of chaos and overwhelm, not sure what to do next? 

Pick one thing, no matter how big or small and just start. 

You’ll wonder why you put it off for so long once you get a bit of momentum up.  

Best of luck on getting it done! 

Louise x 

P.S. Can’t do it? Can’t come at anything? Let’s jump on a call. A 15 minute chat might be all you need to get going. Book in my calendar now here. 

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