Well that was a flop…

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Today was a bit of a ho-hum day. I definitely got stuff done in the end that I really needed to, but… I definitely didn’t use this day as effectively as I could have.  

And when I allow that to happen, it’s like it permeates every part of my life. 

I only did half the workout that I was meant to.  

I let myself get off track with my food.  

I mean it was meant to be a “good eating day”, given last Friday I had a degustation lunch that seemed to just carry on into the weekend, including a Halloween party, where I ate ALL the things.  

Then there was today, at the time of writing this I have had 2 pineapple freddos, a snickers and I am not sure how many marshmallows, a bowl of chips and the list goes on.  

Oh and my husband brought home this beautifully baked, fresh still warm loaf of bread and I couldn’t help it, I ate some (and I’m gluten intolerant so that never ends well…) but it was soooo good. 

I just wasn’t intentional with my time and my body today.  

And don’t get me wrong. I’m all for treating yourself, don’t worry. I treated myself all weekend.  

But there comes a point where I need to get back on track so that I can feel good and perform at my peak. 

And that’s not what happened today…. 

I feel like if I don’t plan my week on a Sunday evening, Monday is not destined to go well. Almost like it’s an initiation to the week so that I get up Monday morning ready to go.  

If I have no plan, I end up kind of faffing around a bit. 

I did my workout, I got the kids to school and before I knew it the morning disappeared with a few meetings and a bit of faffing around.  

If I haven’t planned my work day already, it’s almost like half a day can disappear in the blink of an eye.  

Just because I didn’t initiate the week with a really good plan of what I’m going to do.  

Because if I have to do that in the morning on the Monday, the day gets taken up with phone calls, emails and meetings and sure I am doing stuff but it’s not really purposeful and intentional. And the day can get away from you.  

I mean if you get to the end of the day and you allowed yourself to not actually do the things you needed to, this wasted time can really add up. 

If you only work a 4 day week, well that’s 25% of your week you weren’t intentionally spending your time on reaching your goals, on making your business the most profitable it can be. Serving to the best of your ability. 

I need to make sure that I consistently perform the strategies and techniques that I know mean that I get the most out of my work days. 

Because I refuse to work long hours and weekends.  

I don’t want to have to work an evening because I stuffed around during the hours that the kids were at school.  

But if I let my practices slide, I’m not allowing myself to be the most profitable and productive that I can be. And that’s why I have these practices in place.  

Louise x 

P.S. If you’re working too many hours and still finding your business is not as profitable as you want then book in for a 15 minute chat so we can talk about what we can do about that. 

P.P.S. As you can see I am also human and sometimes I let the things slip that I should do, but as long as I do them more than not I am on the right track πŸ™‚ 

Louise Ledbrook

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