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On the first and third Tuesday of the month I have a group call with my Inner Circle and Next Level clients. 

This week Mel and I had a great debrief on everything that is going on and specifically how we are handling the end of home schooling and lockdown. 

Be Kind To Yourself 

We are in our last week of home schooling so have decided to cut ourselves some slack and just roll with it.  

No stressing about the work that hasn’t been done. 

No pressure on getting all the home schooling done. 

Just be present with the kids for this last week and be kind to ourselves. 

I for instance did my daily ritual of planning my next day the evening before (this is one of my must do habits to ensure I get the work done I need to) but I woke up the next day and just said to myself ‘It’s the last week of home schooling, just go with it and don’t stress about things not going to plan. The work will still be there next week.’ 

Accept What We Can’t Control 

We have all felt the impact on our productivity from lockdown and home schooling but we need to just accept it for what it is and not stress about the things we can’t control. 

Trying to control the uncontrollable is a recipe for a lot of stress! 

Sometimes we have to trust that the universe has a plan that is greater than us and we can only do our best. 

Acceptance of our situation and limitations is key to reducing chaos and stress. It doesn’t mean you don’t look for solutions where you feel those limitations are holding you back. But you first have to acknowledge and accept they exist. 

Money Blocks and Bravery 

We also talked about how money blocks can really hold us back from doing the thing we know we are destined to do and it is important to constantly recognise and be working on those. 

Often as a business owner we find ourselves in that place of, ‘this is too hard’, ‘maybe I should just go get a job’, ‘can I actually make this work?’.  

It is even harder when we feel pressure or resistance from those around us, telling us ‘wouldn’t it be easier if you just went and got a real job??’. 

It is hard and takes bravery and strength to stick with what we know is right for us.  

It is just as hard and brave to also make the decision to no longer run a business. 

Not matter what you decide is right. Do what feels right to you. Not what you are feeling from someone else. 

Many business owners get to a place where they feel stagnant. They are working long long hours but their profitability is not increasing because they have just run out of hours in the day. 

This is when you need to start doing things differently. Looking for ways to reduce your hours, but increase your revenue and profitability potential.  Working more hours is not the answer. Doing things differently is. 

It was a lovely call with some great reminders. 

As you can see this call covered a huge variety of topics affecting business owners. You never know where the call might go. The fortnight before we reviewed our 90 day plans so we can plan for down time at Christmas. 

Running a business is always a fun ride of variety, twists and turns. 

If you want to chat about how we can go on this ride together so you can be more profitable without working the long hours, book in for a chat here.  

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Have a wonderful week and look after yourselves. 

Louise x 

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