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I’m not going to take a lot of your time today because I want you to prioritize rest and relaxation. 

I’ve had the last week having a bit of rest and relaxation with the family myself. 

Sure it hasn’t been like our usual breaks given we’re still in lockdown here in Sydney but it has been revitalizing none the less. 

It has reminded me how important it is to build this time into your life.  

I normally have a lot more time to myself on a weekly basis and I find it quite important.  However having been in lockdown with home schooling for the last 14 weeks I haven’t had quite the same down time.  

There’s always family around and the kids don’t quite get it when mum says ‘I just need an hour to myself’. They think that means when they stick their head in the door to ask me their ‘very’ important questions, that they should just talk quieter than normal. Lol. 

So this week we had a staycation. I am blessed to live near the beach and bush land so we have been able to get out for walks and rides and the kids were thrilled to see whales breaching in the ocean. 

I have switched off from the day to day and focused on me and doing what feels good. Lots of walking, yoga and movement. Reading and puzzles. Generally switching off. 

I’m finding I am feeling refreshed and revitalized and looking forward to getting back to work next week with new found energy. 

So if you’ve been running a million miles an hour and haven’t stopped to replenish yourself, think about how you can give yourself that time. 

It doesn’t have to be a week, a long weekend or just a few hours can make all the difference. 

Happy relaxing 😀 

Louise x 

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