The Multitasking Myth Exceptions

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A few weeks ago I talked about how detrimental multitasking is to our productivity. 

It’s such an important topic I wanted to discuss it further. 

When you multitask, you often also only do parts of things and never finish anything or the finish line is dragged out. 

Which at the end of the day is really disheartening.  

You know those days… you get to the end of the day and feel like you were soo busy but still didn’t finish a single thing.  

That’s because you did part of many things instead of finishing a whole lot of things.  

So multitasking is really detrimental to your productivity.  

I want you to stop doing it.  

However, for those of you that insist that it can be done 😉 

Let me give you some examples of things that are acceptable multitasking and are in fact great uses of time. 

  • Watching a movie while ironing 
  • Cooking while listening to an audio book  
  • Driving while listening to a podcast 
  • Walking while calling a friend 
  • Learn something new while commuting on the bus 

There are some things that you kind of can do together because one of the tasks has an element of autopilot and  doesn’t need your full attention. 

Writing an email while watching a movie. Inefficient! 

Unless you want to take two and a half hours of the movie to write that poor quality email. Go ahead.  

But if you’d like to smash the email out in 15 minutes and then enjoy a two and a half hour movie, that would be better. Right? 

Plus the quality is going to be better if you put your full attention into the task. 

So if you want to save up to 40% of your time, Stop Multitasking! 

Louise x 

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P.P.S. Don’t let simple time management be the reason you don’t get stuff done! 

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