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Last week we discussed dropping ineffective multitasking and creating a new superpower. 

So, let’s start building your focus superpower.  

You will be swinging from buildings and smashing goals in no time.  

So focus doesn’t come easy to everyone. Everyone has different attention spans.  

Some people can easily focus for long periods of time but the majority of people can’t.  

Some people, because we live in such a distracted world, have unintentionally built a skill of being unfocused and our attention span can be as small as 5 or 10 minutes.  

Where what we want to do is build that up to more like 40 minutes to hour blocks.  

So to do that, we need to put a number of things in place.  

Of course remember, like any skill, it’s a muscle, it takes practice, it won’t always work for you the first time.  

It takes time to make work, and to find the techniques that work for you.  

So the biggest thing is finding out what helps you focus. What is it that you need? 

There can be things like environment and preparation or it can be as simple as removing distractions. 

So let me give you an example of how I get focused and stay focused.  

Depending on how long the piece of work is I need to focus on, I may get some snacks, nuts are my go to :).  What can I say, I like to munch. 

I always make sure I have a drink, that might be a cup of tea, or a glass of water. Lot’s of people like to fidget and touch things and grab things and do things while they are thinking, it’s just part of the way many of us humans behave when thinking. That’s why people like to smoke and chew gum and chew their fingernails. 

So I have a glass of water or a cup of tea so I can  sip on it while I’m working.  Some people like to chew on things. 

I like to sit in my office, which is designed by me. I enjoy this space and I find it easy to focus in there. There aren’t (many) distractions around me. 

Then I close the door and I turn off any distractions on my computer and phone.  

I shut down anything that may have some kind of a noise or pop up on my computer and same on my phone. It goes on silent and I turn it over to make sure that it won’t distract me.  

Also, sometimes I like to then put on headphones and put on brainwave sounds which help me get into that focused alpha state.  I won’t always use those, but sometimes I do. 

Some people like to put on music or a very specific song. I have heard of a number of authors who have written books just by putting one particular song on repeat in the background. 

Now, the other thing I then do to make sure I remain focused for a period of time, I’ll often set a timer as well.  

This is to make sure I don’t allow myself to be distracted or get up and do something else before that timer goes off. 

Now those things work for me but you may find there are other things that work for you. 

You need to test and measure. 

However, you might want to try one or two of those techniques I use to build your focus superpower. 

Pick one today and fly towards your goals. 

Louise x 

P.S. Want some help with your focus superpower. Just reply to this email with ‘I want a focus superpower‘ and let’s get you on your way!. 

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