Signs you’re not Delegating to the Right Person

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We all know that if we want to grow our business, we need to start delegating some of the things that we do to other people.  

Let’s talk about an issue that can pop up when we start delegating.  

This can happen in the beginning when we start delegating, but also at any time. 

It often pops up if we’re really busy and we just want stuff off our plate or we want stuff to get done.  

This came up with one of our Inner Circle members recently on one of our group coaching calls.  

We were talking about how he’s been delegating tasks to one of his team members, which is great on the surface but once we dug into it we realised… 

Yes, it was great that stuff’s getting done, but what it meant was his team member was diverted away from her core job. 

Yes, she is amazing and can do these new tasks and they were now getting done but it was impacting her ability to complete her core tasks of her job. 

When we end up in this situation we can encounter a few unintended issues… 

We start to wonder why things are slipping through the cracks and other things aren’t getting done that were before. 

Worst is we then start to blame the person we delegated to for these things not working out. 

Luckily for our Inner Circle member it was identified early and some of the unintended impacts can be understood and addressed before it’s too late. 

Often, when something’s not going right in our business we are quick to blame people however often it actually comes down to the processes that we have in our business and the responsibilities we have given to people. 

People rarely intentionally want to do the wrong thing.  

People genuinely want to do a good job.  

As a business owner we want to set them up for success by giving them the tasks that are right for them. 

A word of caution: sometimes someone will put their hand up and say, ‘I’ll do it‘ because they can see it needs to be done and they want to help. And it would be great to have someone doing it, of course. 

However, you as the business leader and the business owner needs to be conscious of just saying yes to get it done. 

You need to make the hard and logical decisions about how you are going to run your business effectively. 

So delegation is great, don’t get me wrong, I love it, you have to do it if you want to grow and scale your business but just be conscious that when you delegate there are some things to consider: 

  • Is it going to the right person for the job? 
  • Could it divert them away from something that’s more important in your business right now? 
  • Have they got the right skill set? Will training be required? 
  • Do they actually have capacity to do this work? 
  • Are you happy with the impact, both positive and negative, this will have on your business and that person? 
  • Is the task right for their role? Is it then confusing their role? Are you going to change their overall role? 
  • What role in my business would logically do this task? Am I missing staff from my business?  
  • Should you use freelancers or external suppliers to get specialist skills? 
  • Will other team members be confused by them doing to task? How will you address this? 
  • Is the person set-up for success for this task? For example: Instructions and systems or do new things need to be created? 

As you can see. You MUST delegate to grow and to create the lifestyle that you deserve but it is not as simple as asking someone to do a thing for you one day. 

Comment to this blog if you want to chat to me about different ways that you can delegate like a BOSS.  

Have an amazing day! 

Louise x 

P.S. I’d love to talk to you more because as you can see, as important as delegation is, it’s not as simple as just handing someone a new task. Book in for a chat here. 

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