This Distraction is Killing Your Productivity

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Chopping and changing 

Pings from notifications 

Phone calls 

People interrupting 

Constant distractions… 
While all this is happening you are in fact being really inefficient with your time. 

However, you actually have more control over this than you probably give yourself credit for. 
You probably just haven’t stopped to think about it.  
Now there’s a whole lot of different ways that you can reduce distractions. 

Things like… 

Rules, Boundaries and Time management practices and techniques but today I want to talk about one specific thing. 

One MASSIVE productivity killer! 

And almost everyone has this problem… Including you! 

Unless you’ve actually thought about it and heard about it and decided to do something about it. 

You have this problem. 

In many cases it’s an automatic setting on our phones. 

It’s the notifications on our phone.  

When you install a new or updated app, most applications will ask you,  
“Would you like notifications?” And a lot of people just go straight for the “Allow” option. 

Don’t worry it’s not your fault, the apps are strategically designed for you to press the Allow button in more cases than not. 

But when you have those notifications turned on, that means every app on your phone is notifying you of stuff.  

And sometimes, it’s not even anything you care about. 
I mean, who cares that Candy Crush has new candies for you to crush!! 

You’ve got more important and exciting stuff to do, like growing your business! 

These mostly irrelevant notifications constantly take your attention and distract you. 

If you have as many apps on your phone as I do and if you have all of your notifications on, it would be relentless and constant.  

I’m actually exhausted just thinking about it. 

So I want you to turn off ALL notifications on as many apps as you can. All of them.  

The pings 

The lock screen notifications 

The popups 

All the notifications 

And then the ones where you feel like you still need some notifications, where possible, especially social media, turn off the sound and turn off the lock screen notifications. 
Those are the two things that are the biggest distractions

If it’s at least turned off on your lock screen, it means when the notification comes through, you won’t see it when you’re trying to focus on something else. 

It won’t distract you.  

Because whenever you see a notification pop up on your lock screen, a glance is enough to take your focus away and to make you more inefficient.  
That distraction can take minutes to get back into flow on whatever you were doing, MINUTES

If you look at the stats on your phone on how many times you touch the phone in a day, it is truly frightening! 

If you consider that many of them were you on autopilot just reaching for your phone to see if you had any notifications or picking it up because you did have a notification.  How many minutes did you lose today on those distractions? 

If a distraction can result in around 7 minutes of lost time on average, even a handful is too many right? 

Scary stuff! 

It’s frightening when you think about how many extra hours you might have worked today or in a week that you didn’t need to if you didn’t lose efficiency from your notifications. 
So I want you to turn off notifications on your phone, on every app you possibly can.  

It’s in your settings.  

There’s a section called notifications, so it’s not hard. 

Go in there, turn them off! 

Because they are productivity killer. 

Wishing you a super productive day 

Louise x 

P.S. If you want more tips and hints on how to be more productive and effective with your time and to not feel so chaotic and overwhelmed, then reach out. I’d love to chat more to you about it. 

P.P.S. Or book in for a 15 minute chat and I will help you find one big thing that could change your productivity and your life today! 

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