It’s Okay not to be Superwoman

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You know what? You’re not Superwoman and it’s Okay.  

It’s Okay not to be superwoman! 

I know there’s this societal pressure to be able to do it all.. 

To be a mum, to run a business, be a great wife, keep the house clean, all of the things.  

But, you don’t have to be superwoman. 

I know that you might believe that you should be, but you don’t… 

There’s some very particular reasons in many cases that you don’t feel like you’re not on top of things, let alone being superwoman. 

  • You’re not being intentional with your time, you’re just doing the next thing on the ToDo list and hoping it’s the right thing. 
  • You are not stopping to consider where you’re spending your time. Where is it actually going? 
  • You are actually wasting your time on things that you shouldn’t be.  
  • You are saying Yes to everything because you’ve never put boundaries in place. 

They sound simple on the face of it, and technically they are. But these seemingly simple things might be the reason that you feel like you’re not actually succeeding. 

And WORST of all, you’re judging yourself for it. 

So first things first. 

Stop judging yourself for not being Superwoman or not feeling like you are. (Because quite frankly, you probably are…) 


Let’s start looking for solutions.  

There are so many different skills, techniques and practices that you could put in place so that you can start feeling like you’re winning every day. 

In fact, just by starting to find a solution you’ll be winning because you’re a step ahead of most who continue to go through life just hoping it will be better some day. 

When home schooling ends it will be better… 

When I finish this one big project I’ll feel better… And the next…. And the next…. 

What if you started setting yourself up for success? What if you starting planning your days for success, now! 

You’re not going to be just flittering through life, floating through, just randomly ticking stuff off your ToDo list because it’s on your ToDo list. 

You’re going to be really intentional with your time.  

You’re going to spend it on things that matter and make sense.  

You’re going to be more productive, more efficient, more effective.  

And you’re going to smash your goals, but feel peaceful and in flow in the process. 

If you want to talk more about those solutions, then talk to me about it because I have a whole program where we talk about ALL of those things things.  

But I want you to stop judging yourself and start looking for solutions because it is possible.  

I run two businesses, have two kids and only sometimes have a nervous breakdown, like when home schooling ;-)… But in all seriousness. I have put practices in place so I can manage these things and work less than 40 hours a week. 

It is possible to not feel overwhelmed. 

It is possible to not feel like you’re failing every day. 

It is possible to achieve more, but do less and be in flow and feel amazing every day. 

And I want that for you. 

So if you want to know more about it let’s talk. Book in for a 15 minute chat and I’ll help you find one big thing that will start to change your life today! 

Wishing you a joyous day! 

Louise x 

P.S. It’s easy to get started, book in for a 15 minute chat today and I will help you find one big thing specifically for you that will help you get more in control of your time and productivity today. Book here. 

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