Disappointed You Didn’t Get it All Done?

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If you’re finding that you’re disappointed at the end of your days and your weeks because you just didn’t get it all done. There might be a really simple reason that that’s happening to you.

You didn’t set yourself up for success!

We have these great ToDo lists.

We have all these tasks listed out for the day and that’s wonderful that we at least have some kind of plan…

But, sometimes we don’t think about how long those things are actually going to take us.

We also don’t take into account other things that are in our day, like:

  • our meetings
  • our appointments
  • even just other commitments like getting the kids off to school, maybe taking them to sporting activities, your own commitments to yourself around exercising, meditating, whatever that happens to be.

So when you get to the end of your day…

You wonder to yourself “Why didn’t I do all this stuff on my to-do list?”

I’ll tell you why… you really didn’t think about whether it was going to be possible in the first place?

Now there’s a couple of things I want you to think about.


How big were those tasks?

Sometimes I speak to people and this is how the conversation goes:

Me: “Tell me what is on your ToDo list today.”

Them: “I have five things on my to do-list today.”

Me: “Okay, great. How long might each of them take you to complete? Start at number one.”

Them: “Oh, well that one’s about half a day.”

Me: “Okay and the others?”

Them: “The next one’s about a day and a half. The next a day. The other about two hours.”

Me: “Oh great. So you’ve got like three days worth of work there in five tasks on your list for TODAY!”

Them: “Ummmmm yep!”

Of course they didn’t get it all done in a day! If you’re not being realistic about what you can achieve in a day because you’re not being intentional with your time, you are setting yourself up for failure.

You need to think more deeply and not surface level about what is on your ToDo list.

How long will those things on our ToDo list actually take?


I want you to look at the things on your ToDo list and break them down into manageable chunks, into actionable chunks that you can actually get done within the day.

I like to make them Bite Sized.

A task that takes half a day is not bite sized.


I then want you to consider those tasks you want to get done in relation to everything else that you have committed to for the day.

Appointments, Meetings and other life commitments as well.

Stop setting yourself up for failure.

Set yourself up for success and make sure that your ToDo list for the day is doable…. by actually thinking about it.

Give it a go now.

Louise x

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