Are you Ready to Stop Hustling Yet?

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So there seems to be this myth, especially in entrepreneurial circles, that to be really successful and to make all the money, you have to be constantly hustling… to the point of burnout.

It’s almost like burnout is a badge of honour.

Well, let me tell you, it ain’t a badge of honour.

It’s actually just one way for you to destroy your business.

So if you’re constantly hustling long term. If you’re working every waking moment and you’re on the verge, if not already burned out, that’s not going to do you or your business any favours. Is it?

So this hustle culture, it HAS TO STOP!

Are you ready to stop hustling?

I’m not saying don’t grow your business.

I’m not saying don’t be successful, don’t make all the money.

Do ALL of those things, but you need to do it with joy and flow and peace because otherwise, why are we doing it?

If all we’re going to do is burn ourselves out to create these businesses, why are we bothering?

Because if we destroy ourselves, then we’re actually no good to anyone.

We’re not working at our peak. We’re not being our best version of ourselves.

Why are we doing this to ourselves?

It is rife in society that you need to work hard, play hard.

You need to hustle to make all the money, to get all the funding.

You need to show that you’re hustling.

Actually, you just need to show consistent results.

You just need to show up and be super efficient and productive and great at what you do.

Those things make a great business.

They make a great business owner.

You should be looking for ways to:

  • Work at your peak.
  • Hone this machine that you are, this mind, this body.
  • Be your most productive and efficient.
  • Be switched on and sharp, making good decisions.
  • Come up with the best solutions, not just for your clients but for you too!

Because if you’re burning yourself out, by putting everything into your work and disregarding you and your business then one day you won’t even be to do the work that currently consumes all your time.

As a business owner you need the space and time to stop and think about how things are going for you, your life, your business, the way you operate.

You need to have a lifestyle that serves you in your work and in your playtime.

You should be in flow.

You should be happy AND kicking goals.

You can have all of that!

I have all of that.

I have two businesses. I have two kids. I refuse to embrace the hustle culture anymore.

I used to be there. I used to work a hundred hour weeks.

I would go to bed after my husband. I’d be up before him.

This was before he was my husband. He almost left me during this that time…

And I would work weekends, nights, every waking moment, because I felt like I could, like I should.

Sorry, I felt like I could, I felt like I was this machine.

But I wasn’t this honed machine I thought I was. Sure, I was younger then as well but I know better now.

It isn’t sustainable long term. It’s not a life!

What I wasn’t doing was giving myself the opportunity to stop and consider:

  • How could I be doing this better?
  • How could I still be getting all of this done and not working until 1:00 AM every night?
  • How could I be living my best life?

I wasn’t stopping and taking a look at myself. I was too busy making other businesses productive and efficient and not looking at myself.

So when are you going to stop the hustle?

When are you going to stop hustling and living that life and live life.

I want to see you do that because it is possible.

Is it possible to achieve everything that you want to without destroying yourself?


Are you ready to do things differently?

Louise x

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