My 3 Step Refocus Plan

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Do you ever find your time and attention is divided and distracted on things that aren’t making you money or growing your business or aren’t working in your zone of genius? 

At some point everyone finds that there is something that they have to get done, but they find they keep getting distracted with everything else on their ToDo list other than that thing they need to do. 

And sure all the things will eventually need to get done, but let’s say you need to get more money in the door and to do that you need to write an Ad but you find you just aren’t getting to it. 

The first thing I recommend and do for myself is come up with a plan to refocus my energy and time on the task that is the Must Do. 

It’s my 3 Step Refocus Plan 


First I work out what are the tasks that will directly lead to the goal I am trying to achieve or breakdown that big thing I need to get done into smaller more manageable tasks. 

This gives me a clear plan on what needs to be done specifically for that goal or big task.  

Each chunk or smaller task should be no more than 2 hours max. long to complete. Otherwise, break it down more. 


Then I work out what needs to change to enable a refocus on that task. 

When looking at my full ToDo list and appointments I ask myself: 

  • What can be postponed to another time 
  • What can be given to someone else, even if just as a starting point 
  • What can not be done altogether 

Basically, I’m trying to free up blocks of time to 

Focus on the task. 


Then on the task or goal itself, what can be reduced or done in a simpler way. 

I am a huge advocate of the 80/20 rule. How can I reduce the work by 20%. 

This gives me a plan of attack and makes what’s on my plate seem more doable. At least I’m now clear on what has to be done. 

Now, if you want to take this plan to the next level so you make sure it actually gets done… 

I go deeper on these strategies in my course. If you’re interested in finding out how YOU can kick your time management woes to the curb join me for a strategy call by clicking below. 

P.S. Let’s chat about what’s driving your state of overwhelm and create an action plan to get you out! Book in now for strategy session

P.P.S. If this is still not working for you check out my criteria for deciding what to do when you feel distracted by the small tasks in this blog, The Guilt of the Distraction. 

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