The guilt of the distraction…

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Do you ever feel like you have this enormous list of things that have to be done BUT there is also that one big task or assignment weighing on your mind that you feel guilty for not focusing on it?

You feel torn constantly.

Always asking yourself “Do I do these one million tasks or do I settle in and focus on that big project?”

Every time you sit down to do the project or task you just find your attention scattered.

You struggle to remain focused on the task even though you know you need to get it done.

Now I can teach you all the skills in the world on how to refocus on a task, however…

Sometimes to create the space in our minds to focus on those important big activities we sometimes need some of the ducks lined up. So to say… We need to create a little mental space.

I’ve recently experienced this myself.

You may have read in my last email about my current journey of restructuring and splitting out my business into two.

Deconstructing a business and pulling things apart often feels like things are half done.

It’s like some things are part of one company and not the other yet, and until they are moved, it’s not done.

Yes, growing this business so I can help as many people as I can should be my number 1 focus.

That is my driving force, yes…..

But, that lack of ducks being lined up can sometimes be such a point of distraction that my focus is split and I was just finding it difficult to remain on track with what I knew were the Important tasks.

Now before you go running off and doing all those annoying tasks on your list because Louise said you could…

There’s a criteria I use before I decide that refocusing on the important big task is a no win situation. For now…

I ask myself:

  • Have I attempted to refocus myself first using my 3 step refocus plan
  • Is not doing those tasks causing me anxiety
  • Am I so distracted I can’t focus on the required tasks for a prolonged period of time, not just a once off
  • Am I sure that I don’t think I want or need to do those other tasks because I’m procrastinating or resisting doing what I need to. Now this may even require some journaling and self reflection to be sure.

This has to be an honest assessment otherwise you’ll end up self sabotaging and continuing your procrastination and then you end up no better off.

If I can answer yes to all of these then I decide to give myself a capped period of time to go hard on the top priority tasks before going back to refocusing on the big task or project.

It gives me mental relief to get on with things and be more productive.

Could this work for you right now?

Wishing you a productive day!

Louise x

P.S. If you would like to know more about refocusing your time, just hit ‘reply’ to this email and let’s chat.

P.P.S. Not sure this is the solution for you? There are many options that might suit your situation. Book into my calendar here and let’s talk about it.

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