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Overwhelm got you down?

There are three things I focus on in this situation.




First be kind to yourself and don’t judge how you feel. Of course you’re feeling yucky so don’t fight it let yourself feel it.

Also stop judging yourself for not getting it all done. Some things just take time and you will need to find ways to get back on and keep yourself on track so you can control those things that are within your control.

Be kind to yourself. Sometimes you just don’t get it all done.

So that comes to clarity.

Our brains like to have clarity.

Some kind of a plan helps give us that. Start small.

I’m a huge advocate for planning the next day before you go to bed at night. I prefer to write this plan at the end of the work day instead of just before going to bed.

This gives your brain clarity over what has to be done so it stops wondering what has to be done tomorrow.

The biggest thing I find missing for my clients is they create the daily plan but it’s not realistic so they feel like they’ve failed each day. Make sure you create a daily plan which considers all appointments and commitments, how much down time you need, as well as how long a task might take you.

Set yourself up for success!

There are so many possible techniques around planning so keep it simple and focus on creating a plan that feels doable.

You want to feel good after all.

Then we have control.

First, you can’t control everything, including how you’re going to feel when you wake up in the morning.

So if you wake up feeling crap, adjust your day and go with it.

Control the things you can.

Having disciplined routines is part of taking control.

But I like to think of these as guidelines.

You need to listen to your body and give it what it needs.

If it needs rest, rest, but find ways to keep yourself energized.

You don’t want to be stuck in a slump.

Have short walks outside daily if possible.

You can either be with your own thoughts or listen to something positive.

Giving yourself this time and space allows our brain to stop doing ‘work’ but also sort through thoughts.

Let the thoughts flow, it’s often a great way for our brains to work out solutions.

These are just a couple of my top tips.

If you’d like to discuss some more solutions especially for you. Book in for a time effectiveness audit where I’ll create a custom plan just for you. Click here to find a time that suits.

Have an amazing weekend!

Louise x

P.S. Give yourself permission to shut down and relax this weekend. Leave work until Monday and just enjoy!

P.P.S. I know you’re still beating yourself up for all the stuff you didn’t get done this week, stop it!

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