Easter Eggs and Tuesdayitis

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Here in Australia we get four glorious days off for the Easter holiday.

Where I live in Sydney the weather was Amazing!

Thank you Universe for bringing out the sun for the weekend.

Our Easter break was four fabulous days of rest, relaxation and family fun.

Of course there was the very exciting Easter Egg hunt for the kids and maybe some parents πŸ™‚

The kids are so adorable, even though they run around frantically competing for who can get the most Easter Eggs, at the end they count them out and share them evenly.

The kids had a camp out in the backyard for a few nights. There was swimming, bush walking, badminton and beach walks.

Watch out for the leeches post floods Sydney siders, I managed to pick up two on my shoe on our walk.

For those abroad, yes it’s true, the wildlife here in Australia can sometimes be a bit creepy.

We also had a Funnel-web visit us last week. For those that don’t know, a Funnel-web is one of the worlds deadliest spiders.

Not what you want in your house!

Creepy crawlies aside, it was just what I needed. The first two days I did almost nothing but play games with the kids and watch movies. And by games I mean mostly sitting on my butt playing PlayStation.

Anyway, enough about my weekend. How was yours?

I hope everyone managed to have some rest and relaxation because as much as I teach ways to get more done in the time you have, sometimes you need to just completely switch off.

No plans

No time limits

No need to get stuff done

No….. Anything

But, sometimes after a few days of switching off, switching back on can be a little tricky.

The Tuesdayitis hits (or as I like to call it whatever-day-itis)

Here are a few pointers to get you back into the swing of things.


Think about the things you are grateful for.

Maybe it’s the time you got to spend with loved ones on the weekend.

Maybe it’s feeling grateful that all your hard work has enabled you to have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends.

Think of at least 3 things you are grateful for.

If we think positive thoughts, we feel positive.


Either end the weekend or start the week with some enjoyment.

Whether you chose to do this the day before starting work again or on your first day back at work.

Go out for dinner.

Have a drink with a friend.

Watch a movie and have a hot chocolate.

Maybe it’s eating a whole chocolate egg.

What is something that just brings you joy? Go do that.

And know you can choose to do these things whenever you want.

Set Yourself up for Success

After having days of nothing it’s time to make sure your week ahead is successful

It’s time to use your tools to make sure you’re kicking goals for the week.

  1. Review your full ToDo list.
  2. Choose the things you want to do this week.
  3. Give them a priority using a numbering system, 1 is highest.
  4. Remember to estimate how long those things will actually take.
  5. Now looking at what appointments, meetings and commitments you already have on, work out where those items can slot into free time in the week.

You will probable find they won’t all fit in so don’t try and just jam them all in or set yourself up for failure by hoping it will all fit.

Time to get creative about how you can fit in what you NEED to. OR what you think you need to.

What you can not do or postpone?

These are just some of the things we talk about and learn in my Bootcamp.

Set yourself up for success because hope is not a plan.

Have a wonderful week.

Louise x

P.S. You are not allowed to feel guilty for eating all the Easter eggs (maybe don’t eat ALL the kids eggs too).

P.S. Want to know more about the Bootcamp or discuss what you really need?Β Book in for a chat with me.

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